More Rovecom

Rovecom has a lot more to offer than just our feed formulation software. Every day our approximately 50 employees work hard to keep your business on the move.

Business software & ERP

We supply flexible, complete and reliable software to improve and enable a more efficient fulfilment of day-to-day administrative processes. We also deploy our knowledge towards increasing yields, gaining more control and providing better direction, all intended to achieve better business results.

Planning and administration

Efficient and streamlined processes are necessary for achieving sound planning and administration. We fulfil a very clear need when it comes to planning and administering equipment, machinery and employees in the contracting and civil engineering sectors. Accuracy and speed are guaranteed thanks to the use of financial packages.


Sometimes standard packages are not sufficient, and tailor-made packages are required. We listen, pose critical questions, and advise, so that we can ultimately get to work on your needs. Our experienced people will produce a customised solution, appropriate for your situation, where we benefit from being able to draft in multiple departments. We make what may appear to be impossible, possible.
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