Dairy monitoring

As an advisor, you can easily monitor the results of the rationing and animal management, with DairyExpert. DairyExpert is a user-friendly and accessible web application. Milk tests, tank deliveries and feed deliveries are entered automatically. This means you always see the up-to-date features and key figures of your operation.
“DairyExpert. Easy monitoring, better advice”

The power of DairyExpert

With DairyExpert both the cattle farmer and the advisor have an instrument which can track the current technical and economic results of the dairy operation through a website. The various overviews and the management dashboard are intended to offer an insight into the trends, and to give the cattle farmer management information and guidance in a pro-active manner. DairyExpert is fully equipped to support the cattle farmer’s operations in an easy way. More insight through oversight – that’s DairyExpert’s service for the cattle farmer

DairyExpert monitors:

  • Milk yields and feed costs
  • Milk production figures
  • Milk tests with insight
  • Animal health (incl. udder health and fertility)
  • Quota information
DairyExpert automatically records and processes the greatest possible volume of data (including feed order details and tank milk figures). DairyExpert can be fully customised.


Just as with our other products, we believe it’s important that we keep innovating and working on products to improve them. The market changes, and so does demand. So it’s important that products also evolve. Together with our partners we ensure that DairyExpert always meets the needs of the market to the fullest.
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