Feed industry

Sellers of compound or mixed feeds use FeedExpert to be able to calculate feed advice matching the company-specific circumstances. With silage analyses (which can also be entered automatically), it’s easy to calculate where supplementary feed is needed and how much of it can be fed. When milk test details can also be entered it is even easier to calculate a ration which specifically meets the individual needs of each cow.

Animal analyses and cattle stock analyses

The rations given can be properly assessed and can be adjusted where necessary. Through automatic processing of milk tests, advanced animal and cattle stock analyses can be performed in both FeedExpert and DairyExpert. With DairyExpert you can also easily monitor and compare your clients’ technical and economic results. Your clients can also view their results in DairyExpert, so that you can easily prepare a visit.

Ration-balancing software

In the pig sector, our optimisation module can easily calculate the appropriate feed for operations which have their own wet by-products or raw materials available. This optimisation module is also used to calculate dietary rations for beef cattle and dairy cattle..
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